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Healthy Holiday Choices

Part of enjoying a fulfilling holiday season is making choices that encourage and uplift your spirits. As you celebrate this year keep a few of these healthy choices in mind.

Have those special items like stuffing and pie, since you may not typically have them any other time of year. Then skip the foods you could have on a regular basis like potato dishes and rolls. Keep your portions in moderation and try to have a colorful plate. This will ensure you’re getting a variety of vegetables, fruits, and protein.

This often leads to overeating and blood sugar imbalances. Have several little snacks throughout the day with vegetables and fruit. By having healthy snacks you can help stabilize your mood and have more energy.

If you know festive holiday drinks and desserts are going to be part of your evening, plan extra exercise time before or after big events. Also, be sure to drink one glass of water after every holiday beverage. By establishing a mental plan you’re more likely to find balance and moderation with your food choices.

Some people find it helpful to keep a lifestyle journal with notes about meals and exercise. Others find that stepping on the scale every few days is a way to have a reality check during the holidays. December 29th is National Get on the Scales Day. This is a good time to check in on your body composition. The holiday season is a time where many people let their guard down concerning healthy choices. This simple act of getting on the scale can help you stay in touch with your weight.  It can take months to lose the 5 pounds that are easily gained in a few weeks.

Holiday time is about connecting with those you hold most dear. Don’t let food or bad habits be the focus. Take a deep breath and listen to the loved ones around you, even if that looks different this year.

Portion Control

No matter what kind of meal plan someone follows they likely won’t see results unless they enjoy foods in the right portion size. Controlling portions is much easier said than done. The most logical way to keep portions in check is to weigh and measure your food. However, that’s tedious and pretty unsustainable for most people. Here are two simple tips to control your portion sizes.

  1. Watch your toppings. Ketchup, barbecue sauce, salad dressing, oil and mayonnaise can add on extra calories. Dish out these condiments in a reasonable amount. Then put them back in the refrigerator. By doing this we can save added fat, calories and sugar. This is a small change that can pay off in the long run.
  2. Add extra produce. Most dietitians recommend making half your plate vegetables, one-quarter protein and the other quarter fiber-rich carbohydrates. This rule of thumb adds more volume to your plate and more nutrients helping you feel full and satisfied.

New Food Trends For A New Year

Like most “trendy” items food trends may come and go but some are worth pursuing and implementing into your routine. Luckily healthcare professionals agree that food habits are cycling back to more wholesome natural ingredients. In fact, many of the food trends for 2019 include plant-based products and unique ways to add more Omega-3s to your meal plan.

Organic, dairy free and gluten free products are more readily available on store shelves. I do believe this health trend is here to stay. With the uptick in allergies and intolerances, the market demands a wide variety of products that are lifestyle specific. In the end some classic food principals remain the same. Our bodies require a balanced diet of vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and fruit. While analyzing the food trends of 2019 keep these core values in mind.

Eat What You Love

Around the holidays everyone is thinking about their favorite festive traditions. Many family traditions involve special recipes and bountiful meal times. Making it challenging to eat healthy this time of year. Grandmas recipes are not typically low calorie, but at the same time, it’s comforting to enjoy some family favorite foods once a year. Therefore, the holidays are a great time to focus on portion control. Eat what you want, just don’t overdo it. Some general principals to follow when you are enjoying a festive family meal.

*Skip the seconds. Enjoy one plate of your favorite foods and resist the urge to fill up again. One plate is typically all it takes to be satisfied.

*Focus on the healthy nutritious foods that you love. Try not to go down a mental list of vegetables that you hate, or the foods you are allergic and intolerant to. Simply enjoy the fruits, vegetables and grains that make you happy.

*Don’t be afraid to bring a healthy dish to a holiday party. Most friends and family members appreciate a well made healthy recipe, so don’t be shy about bringing your new favorite healthy appetizer or side dish