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4th of July party.

4th of July BBQ Ideas on a Budget

The Fourth of July is almost here, and it’s time to celebrate with family, friends, food, and fireworks. However, it’s important to keep in mind that overspending on your celebration can leave you in debt. Thankfully, frugal ways exist to have a memorable and meaningful holiday without breaking the bank. Keep reading to discover tips on celebrating the Fourth of July on a budget with your loved ones.

Invite Friends and Family to Pitch In

Hosting a Fourth of July party can be costly, particularly when it comes to providing food. Your friends and family understand this, so many people are happy to contribute by bringing a dish, especially those who enjoy cooking. You can inform your guests that you will provide hot dogs and hamburgers and suggest they bring a side dish. Asking guests to contribute is a common and reasonable request. To ensure a good variety of food, you could even create a sign-up sheet or ask guests in a group chat what they plan to bring.

Have a BYOB Party

When planning a celebration, alcohol can be a significant expense. Consider asking guests to bring their drinks by making your celebration a BYOB party to cut costs. These days, BYOB parties are common practice, so your guests will likely expect it. Plus, isn’t it awful when you are at a celebration and the drinks run out? To keep the festivities running smoothly, you should feel free to make it a BYOB party. However, if you are still uncomfortable asking people to contribute to the drink selection, you could grab some beer or wine from Cash Saver. We have a wide selection of beers, including many local favorites, and our prices are unbeatable. With Cash Saver, you can stock up on various beers without breaking the bank.

Keep Decorations Simple

You can save money by avoiding seasonal decorative items with flags, red, white, and blue, or firework images, as they can be costly. Instead, opt for year-round items or purchase decorations from places like the dollar store. Or you could make it a fun experience for the family by letting your kids create unique and adorable Fourth of July décor. Besides, the most prominent decoration will be the fireworks!

Check for Deals Before Grocery Shopping

Cash Saver releases a circular every two weeks and has online deals available. It’s a good idea to list sale items you’ll need before going to the grocery store. Our current circular features Kraft BBQ Sauce for just 98 cents and Best Choice Charcoal for $4.98. Quickly grab your supplies when you spot the BBQ essentials you need in our circulars, even if it means shopping a week before your event. Apart from our already affordable prices and circular deals, we have items labeled, “Wow! Get it now!”. These items are significantly discounted! It is best to take advantage of these limited time offers and grab them as soon as you see them since once those items are gone, they are gone!

Shop at a Cost-Plus Grocer

Welcome to Cash Saver, where you can save money without compromising quality. Our store offers a wide range of local products so you can access a wider variety of items than most other stores. We take pride in providing a unique approach to grocery shopping that saves you money. With our everyday low prices on every item in every department, every day you can trust us to provide the best value for your upcoming celebration. Our slogan speaks for itself: “We’re known by the money you keep!” Visit one of our three locations in Memphis to stock up on all your party essentials at the best possible prices. And from everyone here at Cash Saver, we hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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