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8 Tools to Save on Grocery Shopping 

Current national chain grocery store prices are higher than ever due to shipping issues and low inventory on certain items. Luckily, Memphis Cash Saver customers can find a wide assortment of grocery items at a great price thanks to opportunity manufacturer buys! If you are looking for ways to save on escalating grocery prices, these eight grocery shopping savings tips are for you. 

How to Save on Grocery Shopping 

  1. Don’t grocery shop while you’re hungry. When shopping hungry, everything looks good, and you are less likely to stick to a budget. You are also more likely to throw away groceries because items spoil before you can eat them. Try to eat a snack before you even start buying your groceries for the week. 
  1. Have a budget in mind. You can get ample groceries for a family of four for less than a hundred dollars a week at Cash Saver. Make a list of your staples and their typical price to create the best budget for your family. If you follow these tips, you can even see your budget go down over time due to your newly learned savvy shopping maneuvers.  
  1. Create a meal plan. Write out a list of meals you like to cook assign meals for each day of the week. On the list, include the ingredients you plan to use for each meal and adhere to the list when shopping. 
  1. Bring a calculator. Pull out your phone’s handy calculator app and use it as you shop. It is easy to get carried away and get off your budget if you throw items into the cart without adding them up. Be meticulous and use your calculator as you put each item into your cart. 
  1. Store your food properly. Isn’t it the worst when you have to throw groceries away? Especially if your items could have stayed fresh by just storing them properly. You can add days to avocados and other produce by simply storing them in the fridge correctly. Additionally, make sure you check the dates on perishable items when you buy them. For example, never buy a gallon of milk set to expire the next day. 
  1. Get your groceries delivered. Grocery delivery might not seem like a good way to save but shopping online actually helps with impulse buying. You are more likely to stick to a list when you order your groceries online rather than shop in person. 
  1. Check your pantry, freezer, and fridge before shopping. By checking your food storage areas, you won’t duplicate items you already have. If you already have most of the ingredients for a specific meal, you won’t need to add them to your shopping list and can easily save your money. 
  1. Comparison shop. Shop at different stores to see which stores offer the better value. Once you find the store where your dollar goes further, stick with that store. We guarantee you won’t find lower prices in Memphis after you shop with us at Cash Saver. 

At Memphis Cash Saver, we are proud to offer the lowest prices on groceries, especially when other national chains are selling groceries at much higher prices. We work with manufacturers to find the best deals on your favorite items — and that means we can give you bigger savings! The next time you shop for groceries for your family, apply these tools and you’ll see the Cash Saver difference. We have three convenient locations in Memphis — 1620 Madison Ave., 4049 Elvis Presley Blvd., and 1977 South Third St. We’re known by the money you keep at Cash Saver!