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What Makes Shopping at Cash Saver so Unique? 

Have you ever walked into a grocery store and left so frustrated? Perhaps they did not have the items you were looking for, or their prices felt too high? Or worse, the grocery store was filthy, and the staff seemed annoyed. Grocery shopping is a necessity we just cannot avoid. We all must eat. Why not shop somewhere where you know the experience will be pleasant every time. Cash Saver is one of those grocery stores that friends talk about for its convenience, service, prices, and so much more. Here are just a few ways Cash Saver sets itself apart from other grocery stores. 

Huge Selection-When you walk into your local Cash Saver, you will be amazed at how stocked they keep the shelves. The midtown location has also garnered a reputation as the best spot in town to shop for beer. The enormous beer selection of local and craft beers will astonish even the biggest critic. The prices of these beers are also some of the lowest in town. 

An Abundance of Local Items-They offer local farm fresh produce, local designer desserts, your favorite dish from some of your favorite restaurants, local coffee beans, teas, jellies, sauces, and even handmade soaps by local soap makers. It is obvious Cash Saver loves Memphis and all things local. In a recent customer testimonial, the customer described how encouraging it is to see his favorite grocery store supporting his community while selling all the other groceries on his list. 

High-Quality Meat Selection-The entire back wall of a Cash Saver store is devoted to a butcher and a seafood department that offers delicious meat and seafood choices. You could grab all the items you need to make a 5-course decadent meal by shopping at Cash Saver. You can also spend much less at Cash Saver than you would by going to a 5-star restaurant. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables– “I recently wanted to make a homemade salsa. Usually, this requires my going to a few stores to get every item on my list, and I was able to purchase everything I needed at Cash Saver,” said another avid Cash Saver shopper. They have a fantastic produce selection, but you can also count on fresh produce. You will not have to throw things out right away like other stores. 

Excellent Customer Service– I recently sat down with a few Cash saver employees and asked them, “Why do they think Cash Saver is unique?” The first thing they said was, “Because we love our customers, and it shows.” They went on to talk about many of their regular customers and how they have developed sweet friendships, even noticing when specific customers do not make it in when they would typically be there to shop. They care about pleasing their customers and never come across as annoyed. It is as if they are all happy to be there, which is unheard of during these Covid days. You can tell they enjoy working with each other, which spills over in the way they treat each patron. 

Great Pricing-Pricing has been mentioned a few times in this blog, and for good reasons. Cash Saver legitimately has the best prices in town for groceries. Groceries have gotten expensive these days, and it is terrific to see a store that maintains its generous pricing system. 

The next time you need to visit the grocery store, see what you are missing if you have not tried out Cash Saver. We have three convenient locations. We hope you like what you see and become one of our regular customers like so many others. 

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