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How to Save Money on Groceries Using Manufacturer Coupons

Memphis Cash Saver

According to information listed on the website, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, stated an average American family spent over $8000 on food and personal care products. I have a sister with seven children (yes, you read that right, seven children!). She considers herself the undisputed queen of couponing. Her family is a bit larger than your average American family, so I can only imagine how much they spent this year alone. Clipping coupons is like a hobby for her, and she enjoys doing it knowing the result is savings for her family. Fortunately, at Cash Saver, the prices are already so low you might think you can get away with leaving your coupons at home, but if you are cooking for a large family or money is tight, every penny in savings counts. 

 Here are some tips to using coupons to get the best deal possible when you are grocery shopping. 

  1. Get organized: My sister keeps a binder and even sets it up in accordance with the layout of the store. So, when she gets to say aisle 17, which primarily has goods for baking like sugar and flour, she is ready to reach for the corresponding coupon. 
  1. When clipping coupons, she has the weekly circular in front of her. She clips coupons based on what is already on sale. This gives her added savings!  
  1. Plan your meals around what is currently on sale. This is a big one! She brags that she can feed a family of 9 for only $10 using coupons. 
  1. Go digital: This way, you can save digital coupons to your phone. The app Snip Snap works as a digital coupon organizer. It automatically removes coupons once they expire, which many find helpful. The only downside is it can be time consuming to find the correct coupon on the phone while you are in line, and you can feel the patrons behind you getting agitated. 
  1. Do not be afraid to buy items you may not need right away, especially if you know you will use them soon, since the deal is only for that particular time, and you do not want to miss out. It is scary to get into hoarder territory, but sometimes there are deals you absolutely cannot pass up. Set aside a small area that can hold your bulk items and commit not to spread your goods further than the allotted area.  

These are just a few couponing tips. If you have watched any of the popular couponing shows, you know we have barely scratched the surface in this article. As mentioned earlier, at Cash Saver, we do our best to give you the best prices from the get-go. You pay cost for your groceries, and then we simply add 10% at the checkout. See the savings for yourself when you shop at Cash Saver. We look forward to serving you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!