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Inexpensive Treats for Your Halloween Party

If you are planning a Halloween party but feel concerned because the prices at the grocery store are a little scary this year, don’t worry, we have some fantastic recipes for treats that won’t bleed your food budget dry. At Cash Saver, we have you covered tighter than a mummy’s wrappings! Here are some cheap ideas for spooky, scary, and just plain silly yet inexpensive snacks for your party, so no one leaves your party looking like a skeleton!  

Halloween Snacks to Die For 

Reese’s Bats: This recipe comes to us from You and your guests will love this easy-to-make snack.  You only need Reese’s mini cups, Oreo cookies, some candy eyes, and a little peanut butter. You can usually find candy eyes in the Halloween section of most stores. If not, chop baby marshmallows in half for the eye and use a black sprinkle as the eye’s pupil. 

Step 1: Cut all the Oreos in half and scrape off the cream. (You can even ball up the cream for the eyes!). The half of the broken top of an Oreo creates the bat wings. 

Step 2: Apply just a dash of peanut butter to each end of the Oreo. Next, using the peanut butter as glue, place the wings on the Reese’s cup. 

Step 3: Using your peanut butter as glue again, put it on the back of your makeshift eyes and apply the eyes to the Reese’s. Voila, Reese’s Bats

Candy Corn on the Cob: Want to trick your friends with this easy treat? Believe it or not, this recipe from is even easier than Reese’s Bats. All you need is edible sugar cookie dough cut into the shape of a small log and candy corn. Place the candy corn into the sugar cookie dough in rows, making sure you do not leave any space. Before you know it, your treat will look like corn on the cob! Voila, Candy Corn on the Cob! 

Witch Hat Cookies: Here’s a fun recipe from Once again, this spooky no-bake recipe is super fun to make and will put all your guests in the Halloween spirit. To make the Witch Hat Cookies, you only need store-bought round crackers, chocolate suitable for melting, and Hershey’s Kisses. Stack your Hershey Kiss on the cracker and pour over the melted chocolate, then let it set in the refrigerator for a few hours. If you want to add a little more pizazz to the cookies, use orange icing around the rim of the Hershey Kiss to accentuate the witch’s hat. Once you finish that, Voila, Witch Hat Cookies

Buying the ingredients to make these delicious and fun treats at most grocery stores could cause your grocery bill to increase significantly. However, if you shop at Cash Saver, you will save tremendously on your entire grocery bill. At Cash Saver, we are a cost-plus food outlet. Our promise to you is lower prices on every item, in every department, everyday! It truly is the best way to save on your family’s food bill. From all of us at Cash Saver, we hope our savings help you to have a fun and frightening Halloween party with lots of scary and spooky treats!   

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